The green argument for scorebooks

As we approach Earth Day, which is this Friday, here’s an argument we hadn’t thought of for using your own scorebook: It saves paper!

Bethany Heck, who may singlehandedly be bringing about a scorekeeping renaissance, has a post at Eephus League from Roar of the Tigers, tracking her beautifully designed book to Fenway Park. Behold, a comparison of what 20 games scored at Fenway looked like before and after the Eephus League book.

So why not love the environment and buy your book today? Of course, if you want to go super-green, you can check out either of the smartphone scorecards we’ve reviewed here at Squaretender, from iScore and 6-4-3.

In related Eephus League news, there’s a contest over at Pitchers Hit Eighth: Name a podcast, win a scorebook.

And while you’re clicking around, check out baseball art of an entirely different kind at Roar of the Tigers.

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